Builth Office: 01982 551 111

Welsh Black Semen for Sale

The Welsh Black Cattle Society has semen in storage with Alta Cymryu.  If anyone is interested to buy some at £5 per straw please contact the Builth Wells office.  The bulls available from us are Seisiog Max, Tryfil Black Prince, Brysgaga Brenin, Rhyddel kracker(Polled) and morlais Dewi Sant (Polled).

from Alta Cymru Wales  to order phone 01994 231734

Tryfil Black Prince (Vol 100) 

Seisiog Max 67 (Vol 98) 

Brysgaga Brenin 44th W10/RBR

Treowen Cynhefin 3rd (polled) C72/WOT

Castell Gaer 30th U5/TCT

Peiran Max L10/MPN

Morlais Dewi Sant (polled) M007/DMR

Rhuddel Kracker (polled) K9/ERU

From Genus to order phone Genus' customer services on 08701622000

or check on www.genusbreeding.co.uk

Gerddi-Bluog Addewid 4th

Tryfil Cawr N1/RTI (Vol 99)

Caran Banner A25/JCN

Tyddewi Noel A47/BTD

From UK Sire Services.  Check their new web site on www.uksireservices.com

Idloes Lewis-Benji semen for sale, available for export.  After many years of marketing the remaining straws are available at a very reasonable price.  Contact Colin Evans on colin@rhuddelwelshblack.co.uk

Norbreck Genetics has semen from Rafon Huw for sale. Contact info@norbreckgenetics.com or 07949 733747.


Howard Walters, Glamorgan on 01792 812207 - Cwmmawr Dafydd Ddu; born 2003; quiet

Mr Collins, Abergavenny on 01873 821215